Reverse Email Lookup : Finding the person behind an Email!


Need to know about the person behind an email that you received? Trying reverse email search could be of help!

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Trying to reach someone, but only have an e-mail address? Want to know more about someone before replying to an unknown email? Or, perhaps trying to find the new email of a person who changed their old mail address? A reverse Email lookup can help you with all these issues.

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So, what is Reverse Email Lookup and how does it work?

As the name suggests, reverse email lookup is a search performed using an email address. It helps to find contact details and additional information about a person from their email address.

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Find Information using Emails

With the enormous growth in the number of internet users, threats and cyber crimes are also increasing simultaneously. Internet users frequently become the victim of email abusing, spamming, stalking, phishing attack, etc.

In particular, currently, an average email user receives over 16 malicious emails every month!

Although you may get emails from real people without context or get collaboration and proposals from readers, editors, and business owners - it never hurts to be on the safe side, right?

So, when you receive an email from an unknown sender, you must find the person behind the email address before you respond.

You can find a lot of information about a person by doing a reverse email lookup, including -

  • Social networks associated with that email.
  • All the user accounts and web profiles using that email address.
  • The person's phone number and other contact details.
  • Photos and videos of the person available online.
  • Location and even the physical address of the person.
  • Whether the email is new or authorized, and if it belongs to a scammer.
  • Online activities, contents posted by the person, and a lot more.

However, keep in mind that reverse e-mail search might not always be fully reliable and might not provide you all the information you need.

So, there are a few different approaches that you can take for a reverse email lookup.

1. Google Search

In the modern era, it has become our basic instinct to turn to google every time we need to find some information.

Performing a google search is a simple yet effective way to reverse lookup email addresses. If the person has used or mentioned their email address on any website or forum, then Google can help you find the name and details.

It is a very easy process. Go to the Google Search bar and enter the exact email address to search. From the search results, you can then check the page titles and descriptions for a clue.

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Reverse email search using Google

Also, to narrow down the reverse e-mail lookup search, you can add quotes (") at the beginning and the end of the email address. For example, you can search "[email protected]". As a result, you will only see results that contain the email address as is.

Furthermore, if possible, add the location along with the e-mail address in your search to improve the search results. You can find the location of the sender using their IP address, which is traceable from the email.

(You can find I.P address from an email by clicking on the drop-down menu and then clicking Show Original. Once you have the IP address, you can manually search for the location or use a tool such as Youngwatsignal or IPLocation to find the person's location.)

2. Social Media Search

Social media platforms are a huge network to connect people. These days, almost everyone has at least one social media account.

Also, it is quite likely for most people to use similar email addresses to register for these social media platforms. Thus a social media search could be a reliable way you can get information about a certain email holder.

Every social website has a search option where you can enter an email address to look for any users with that email address. You can get find about your sender’s real name, profile picture, place of living, professional background, and a lot more from their social media profiles.

So, if your sender has registered his email id with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can easily find his details by performing a reverse email lookup.

Facebook -

Facebook has billions of users all over the world - almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. So, you have a high possibility of finding the person behind the Email address on Facebook. You can search for the person's profile using the email address. Unless the person has restricted the profile, you should be able to find adequate information about them.

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Facebook results of reverse email lookup

Twitter -

Most people have their email addresses linked to their twitter profile. Twitter Advanced Search is a surprisingly effective and popular way of finding someone who is a frequent user of Twitter by using an email address.

LinkedIn -

If your sender is a professional or business personnel, the person likely has a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite is an extension for Chrome, that integrates with Gmail. If your sender has a LinkedIn profile associated with that email address, you can perform a reverse email lookup using this tool to find the person's profile. After performing an email lookup search, you get details about name, company, contact number, and location of the person.

Moreover, there are quite a lot of other social media networks out there, and it will probably take hours to find that person manually.

So, you can take a shortcut and use tools like Knowem and Lullar. These tools will help you do an automatic reverse e-mail lookup from over 30+ popular social networking platforms and present you with the required details.

3. Reverse Email Lookup Tools

Using a reverse e-mail lookup tool is the fastest and easiest way to find the person behind an email. There are many email lookup services available online, that will look through social networks, web results, and even the deep web to find any information related to the email address.

These tools can collect information including name, country, location, company, contact numbers, photos, social media links, website, and more.

You can always rely upon Discovery Emails to help with your reverse email lookup. It is easy, simple, and highly dependable.

Other than that, these are our top picks for the best reverse email lookup tool-

  • AeroLeads
  • Been Verified
  • Spokeo
  • Email Sherlock

These tools are extremely helpful and will provide you with useful details. Each of these tools has something different to offer. However, the only drawback is that all these are paid tools.

1. is one of the popular email lookup tools among marketers.

Using the email address you provided, the tool gives you public information it finds on the web, including -

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Social media profiles
  • Photos, etc.
alt = '' Company profile search using reverse email lookup '' Company Profile Search feature

Moreover, a very important feature that makes unique is their Company Profile Search feature. This reverse email lookup tool can help you find a complete company profile, including the names and professional emails of the employees. You can search for companies by:

  • company name
  • location
  • industry
  • company size
  • founding date
  • specialties
  • services etc.

This makes it very easy to find the necessary contact for B2B companies with 100+ employees.

Besides, you can also install their chrome extension for quick and easy use.

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2. AeroLeads

Aerolead is one of the best email address lookup tools for 2020.

It is very easy and simple to use. Using Aeroleads, you can find a lot of details about a person from their email address, including :

  • full name
  • job title
  • location
  • working company details
  • social media profiles
  • business contact numbers
  • business emails and contacts from LinkedIn etc.

Moreover, you can install AeroLeads software through a chrome plugin.

3. Been Verified

BeenVerified is one of the best reverse email look tools on the internet. It searches multiple social network platforms to get the related details for the provided email address and gives you a detailed analysis.

It provides you a comprehensive report containing :

  • Real Name
  • Age
  • Current Address
  • Contact information
  • Educational Background
  • Profession Details
  • Names of possible relatives and associates
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Business Details

Furthermore, BeenVerified can also provide you with criminal records and any civil cases about the sender.

4. Spokeo

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Spokeo offers a reverse email lookup feature that filters through 120+ Social Networks, and hundreds of sources for information. They assemble all the gathered information into one easy-to-understand report which includes -

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Relatives
  • Location
  • Phone Numbers
  • Secondary Emails
  • Social Accounts
  • Dating Profiles
  • Photos
  • Estimated Income
  • Property Ownership
  • Interests

Moreover, you can upgrade your search report to a Background Report and access marital status, criminal history, and much more.

5. Email Sherlock

EmailSherlock is a reverse email lookup tool that allows you to search for information about a person using their email address.

It can search databases from search engines and social network sites, and check to find any online profile connected to the email address you're searching for. You can find information including -

  • Full Name
  • Location
  • Phone Numbers
  • Secondary Emails
  • Social Media Accounts
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Moreover, unlike the previous tool, EmailSherlock provides a free email search service. You can use it to check as many or as few email addresses you please. It has no hidden fees, hence you can easily and quickly determine who is sending you questionable emails.

However, there is a drawback of this tool. Email Sherlock does something that the other reverse email lookup tools don’t. It sends an Email to the ID you are investigating, notifying them that someone is doing a reverse email search to review them.

No Luck Finding the email owner?

If you tried all these methods and are still unable to find the person behind an email address, then there is a possibility that either it is an email address that hasn’t been used anywhere else or it was sent through an anonymous email website.

In that case, it is likely to be a scammer and better if you avoid emails from the sender.

There are many different ways for you to investigate someone and find the person behind an email. Unless the person is professional at hiding their identity, or a scammer with a new email, you are likely to find at least a little some information about him.

There is no doubt that reverse email lookup is very important to keep you safe from phishing scams and other cyber threats. It is now up to you to decide which method or tool suits you the best for crosschecking unknown email addresses.

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